There are alot of arm and leg sleeve on the market. ZGloves are made in the USA and the only sleeve that has double layer of fabric for greater protection from cuts and tears to skin. They are made with a mild graduating compression design to promote circulation and remove lactic acids from muscles faster to promote muscle recovery. The fabric has functions of SPF 50+, Qiuck dry, Wicking moisture and Antibacterial to keep garment smelling fresh will never wash out. They are also designed to have a second skin fit for maxium comfort. We want to provide our clients with the best , cost efficent product available to protect them and increase their performance. ZGlove sleeve will keep there shape longer then traditional single layer arm sleeve. With two layer of fabric you have twice the protection as traditional single layer arm sleeves at the same price point as the triditional single layer fabric arm sleeves. Twice the protection. Our #1 goal at ZGlove is to increase the awaerness of skin protection. Our skin is the first line of defense in the quest to a healhty lifestyle. Skin cancer is the #1 form of cancer (Melanoma being the most deadly form of skin cancer) and sun exposure causes 90% of all skin cancer diagnosed. Protect yourself at all times from over exposure to Ultra Violet radiation from the sun is a key to living a long , high quality life. Remember we are living longer because of advances in medicine, exersise and overall knowlegde we have to protect our skin for the longer run in life.