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we made great things

“I will need another double X black knee sleeve for myself I’ve got to stop with the stuff I’ve got hunders of dollars worth of your great stuff! It’s like herion” Lol….


Protection is key to be ready at game time, stay ready with ZGlove arm sleeves

Football season

Protect yourself at all times while you ride, ultra violet exposure is cumlative. Double layer fabric , SPF 50+, quick dry and Antibacterial to keep garment smelling fresh.


Wearing her Neon Green Sport forearm sleeve during our morning walk in Carmel Calf. feeling great!

Feeling light as a feather

Mark rocking the Red Dragon sleeve as he gets set to hit the road for the day. Red Dragon sleeve is a limited edition custom design.


Is your Left Arm Darker then the Right?…..

The arm sleeve where so comfortable I forgot I had them on during our Lyberate walk at the Liemert Park festival.

Norma Thompson-Hollis

CEO Space.net

I forgot I had them on….

Models India Haylee Barton , Kanner &#LINDSEYSHAW.

Make Up Artist Kimberly Young.

Black wrist sleeve and Black arm sleeve worn on leg.

Mermaid Gang

Katana Red with the Mermaid gang Apuletown fashion shoot.

Neon Green large Arm sleeve worn on leg. Yellow Full leg sleeve with yellow calf sleeve

Mermaid Gang

On these hot days driving around the city or just working outside adding water to my arm sleeves cools me down for at least 30 minutes until it drys completely then just wet it down again. It feels …

Adding water to sleeves

Spotted some ZGlove calf sleeves while out at LACMA.

That ZGlove love is spreading

Calf Sleeves Please

Training and Playing is what I do , being at my best is a must and ZGlove Knee and arm sleeves protect me from hacks and recover to be ready to go the next play.

Gabriel G. Gibbs

Hoop Dreams Supreme

After years of playing in the NBA and Championships in Europe Tony Farmer keeps his game on point in the summers at the legendary Drew League in Compton Calf.  and you’ll always see him rocking his ZGlove Leg …

Tony Farmer NBA Veteran / Euro League Champion

Wearing my Neon Pink ZGloves to protect my arm tattoos

Shamika Jackson

Tattoo Protection

Keeping it 100, with my ZGlove Calf Sleeves

Donavan Plunkett

Getting that late night workout

Nick Anson founder and street baller of Venice Basketball League has been supporting ZGlove protective sleeve for 9 years strong

Venice Basketball League

Wearing the ZGlove Sport sleeves keeps my wrist warm and relieves soreness after playing the drums or the pans after a performance.

Einstein Brown, Musician

Einstein Brown Steel Pan Musician

Using the Z-Handi Leash has been just a life saver for me as a new mom of a 3month old , having to pack so much stuff all the time it gives me a sense of relief to …

As a new Mom

As a certified Caregiver, I have found rejuvination and comfort wearing the ZGlove arm and leg sleeves when my day demands the most of me. All I can say is you “feel” something going on while you’re wearing …

As a certified Caregiver…

This is the promotional package we did for Michelle Obama’s #Letsmove champaign.  Custom Work Sleeve with the …

Michelle Obama #LETSMOVE Champaign

Using my ZGlove sleeve at work tonight!

Jessica Sandoval

I’m rocking my ZGlove calf sleeves….Go get yours today.

Thanks ZGlove this compression sleeve really helping my elbow pains. People really have to look into these they are much better than the major brands…

At home working on my flexin with my ZGlove leg compression sleeve on ACL.