Millions of people enjoy body art of some kind these days. Full sleeve tattoos are among the most popular. The only caveat is that many employers require these body art forms to be covered up during work hours. This can create a dilemma because now you have to wear long sleeve shirts or jackets all the time which affects regulating your body temperature when you don’t need long sleeves, and meeting dress code requirements with alternative methods of covering up.

Introducing ZGlove, the economical solution for covering up those full-sleeve tattoos at work with added benefits included. We’ve all seen those basic sleeves available at uniform shops, they’re a great simple way of covering up in a snap, slip them on your arms, slip them off, no extra layer of clothing on your torso to just cover your arms. They typically run around $30 or so a pair.

Well ZGlove manufactures the same product but takes it quite a bit farther by adding medical grade mild graduating compression to help sooth and maintain circulation throughout your work day. And if that isn’t enough, we’ve added quick dry wicking functionality and permanent SPF50+ UV protection that will not wash out! Best of all, we provide this superior product at a savings to you! When you combine our benefits, it’s the only smart choice.

Now that’s a Sleeve baby! You’re actually getting 7-in-one protection with ZGloveperformance sleeves if you consider the following:

A simple economical made in the USA way to cover up your tattoos
Mild Graduating Compression to sooth muscles and joints help prevent lactic acid buildup
Skin Protection from cuts, scratches, splashes, abrasions and friction burns
SPF50+ UV Protection that will not wash out
Quick Dry and Wicking moisture with antimicrobial functions to keep garment smelling fresh that will not wash out
4-way stretch Second-Skin fit for comfort during range of motion
Double layer fabric design, keeps compression longer, protects skin better and extends life of usefulness.

You and ZGlove are a winning combination when you order your sleeves in the colors of your choice to match your uniform or work attire. Need company or team branding? Give us a call; we can do special orders to accommodate your company logo, brand or colors.

Don’t just cover up, cover up with ZGlove performance skin protection sleeves and get more than you bargained for!


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