There are 3 different styles of ZGlove sleeves:

The Sport Sleeve; Sold in pairs. It has the thumb band on sleeve. Thumb band extends from wrist and can be worn on any finger or thumb the user wants more coverage to the back of hand. The band holds the sleeve in place during activities and creates more protective coverage to hand. The thumb band can also be tucked inside sleeve if user doesn’t want to wear it.

The Work Sleeve; Sold as a single sleeve. This is a triditional looking sleeve. The work sleeves are slightly wider in the cut to accomadate for a more general size. They come in sizes Small , Medium, Large and extra large. The Work leg sleeves are the same cut as the arm sleeve but have a elastic sport band inside sleeve to help sleeve stay in place during activities.

The Work Plus Sleeve; Sold as pairs and single sleeves depending on the style selected. The Work Plus covers more of the back of hand and has porthole for thumb. This sleeve offers the most coverage of hand and the 13 inch Work plus sleeve is great for driving and protecting back of hand from sun damage. The Work Plus sleeve are available in arm and leg sleeves and the difference in the two would be the elastic at the top of the leg sleeve to help hold sleeve in place during activities. When wearing the Work plus sleeve on leg the thumb porthole is where the heal would sit.

All three styles of ZGlove sleeve can be worn on arm or leg depending on size of course, so feel free to try them on the area that works best for you.

We have many clients that use the calf sleeve for an elbow sleeve. Or a 20 inch Work Plus arm sleeve as part of there rehab for their knee.